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Our Story

Health Haus Holistic Hospital is a wellness space that uses non-linear tech and design to deliver personalized and relationship-driven healthcare. Our model helps persons of all backgrounds obtain optimum healthcare using non-invasive means, while ensuring that all patients; the well-to-do, the underprivileged and the vulnerable are all given equal top-quality care.

We started our business several years ago with one simple premise in mind: every person deserves top quality at a fair price. We have grown quite a bit since then, but that major principle hasn’t changed. Today we have a wide range of different products inspired by and created using feedback from our customers.

Our Services

Comprehensive Health Screening

A thorough physical examination, laboratory tests, and diagnostic imaging of your health and well-being.

Male and Female Fertility

The ability of a man and a woman to conceive and have a baby. In order to conceive, a sperm from a man must fertilize an egg from a woman.

Emotional Issues and Psychological Trauma

Mental health conditions that can develop as a result of experiencing a traumatic event or series of events.

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